Creative Saturday - Art Journaling

7:33 AM

Sometimes all I need to calm my soul is to create. It can be anything - it can be a scrapbook layout, putting photos in pocket pages, making DIY embellishments, watching people create on youtube, stamping, journaling, planning.. anything at all, really. Today, I felt like doing something a bit messy - so I went with art journaling. And I thought why not share how I go about it here.

I start with a blank page. I put down the very first layer - usually this is watercolour, but quite often it is also a simple layer of various bits and pieces of papers. After that layer is dry, I add some texture to it. Today, I decided to add white (and pink and blue) dots, by just dabbing some cotton buds in paint, and then onto the paper.

After that is done (and dried - later on I call my hair dryer to help, because I am not the most patient person), I put some colourful splashes, and a bit of pink layer to the left top, and let that dry. This splattering is very random - I just flick the brush and go with whatever that creates.

While this is drying, I fussy cut a flower from one of my 6x6 paper pads, as well as have a look through my magazine cut-outs box, to find a suitable picture to go with this spread.

Found it! Now, I stick these down, using a strong glue - I don't want these pictures to fall off the next day. 
The next step is to write down my 'title'. For this spread, I chose the following, and wrote it out using my tim holtz waterbrush, and some blue ink I found in my stash. 

Then I add my date, using the Papyrus alphabet stamp. I love this thing, although I might prefer it a bit smaller. I also put in my journaling. 

The last thing I have to do is to add a bit of contrast colour. And I do that by putting that dark blue ink on the left side of the camera picture, spreading it out, so as to not have it as one big dark area, by adding little lines. 

And the finished page spread....

And a little look at my dirty hands as I wave goodbye! 

Thanks for reading, everyone! I hope you have a great Saturday, and don't forget to do something creative in your busy day.

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